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Supermat™ 500 logo mat

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Supermat specialty mats logo

Supermat™ 500 entrance mat is an ideal option for entrance use due to its durability in severe transit conditions.

The Supermat™ 500 entrance mat provides three basic functions:

  • Traps dirt and dust, allowing cleaners interiors for longer times.

  • Anti slip, even under wet area environments.

  • You can put your logo or name on the mat, you can choose from more than 12 colors to combine.

Manufactured in a all PVC construction for long durability, the Supermat 500 will endure the highest level of transit for longer than its competitors before showing some wear.



Supermat 500 customization is a economic and easy way to put your name, slogan, llogo or message in front of your property front. Is economic because you don't need minimum order quantities nor be limited in the colors able to combine.



Total thickness

Transit rating


100% PVC

loop with backing

12mm ± 1.5

severe transit

indoor / outdoor

Alfombra personalizada Supermat 500 con logo.jpg
Alfombra de ascensor personalizada Supermat 500 con logo
Supermat™ 500 logo mat
Famosa supermarket logo entrance mat
Entrance custom mat with Eccus logo
Supermat™ 500 entrance mat with Plaza Lama logo
Black Supermat™ 500 entrance mat
Supermat™ 500 in color navy with Red Sox logo
Logo entrance mats
Alfombra con logo personalizada Supermat 500
Beige entrance logo mat
Supermat™ 500 logo mat
Red entrance mat Supermat™ 500
Elevator mat Supermat™ 500
AlSupermat™ 500 entrance mat in evelator
Grey entrance logo mat Supermat™ 500
Super Pola entrance logo mat Supermat™ 500


The Supermat 500 entrance logo mat is available in 9 base colors y 5 accent colors that you can combine and customize with your company's or business' name or logo.

Supermat 500 grey entrance logo mat

01 grey

Supermat 500 black entrance logo mat

02 black

Supermat 500 white entrance logo mat

03 white

Supermat 500 brown entrance logo mat

04 brown

Supermat 500 Forest entrance logo mat

05 forest

Supermat 500 Navy entrance logo mat

06 navy

Supermat 500 blue entrance logo mat

07 blue

Supermat 500 green entrance logo mat

08 green

Supermat 500 yellow entrance logo mat

09 yellow

Supermat 500 gold entrance logo mat

10 gold

Supermat 500 orange entrance logo mat
Supermat 500 red entrance logo mat
Supermat 500 purple entrance logo mat
Supermat 500 beige entrance logo mat

11 orange

12 red

13 purple

14 beige

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Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about Turfgrass artificial grass and related products and installations.

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Supermat​ specialty mats 


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In our product gallery you can see how our Supermat™ product line and related products can improve the conditions of your office, shop or facility. Whether in entrance mats to improve cleaning, carpets for wet surfaces, anti-fatigue and among others.

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Alfombra Supermat™ 500 color verde con logo
Alfombra personalizada Hotel W&P
Alfombra con logo Eccus
Alfombra de entrada Supermat™ 500 azul logo Plaza Lama
Alfombra con logo Taco Bell Supermat™ 500
Alfombra dorada con logo de la Junta Central
Alfombra personalizada Supermat™ 500 con logo Liah
Alfombra personalizada Supermat™ 500 Delidalia Bakery
Alfombra de entrada personalizada DMC Distribución
Alfombra con logo de Primaria Montesori en Santo Domingo
Alfombra promocional con logo Lexus
Alfombra con logo Abodom Supermat™ 500
Alfombra personalizada logo Multiplaza Grupo Ramos
Alfombra personalizada en color negro Supermat™ 500
Alfombra con logo de Madesol en color gris
Alfombra Supermat™ 500 color negro con logo blanco
Alfombra de entrada Famoso Supermarket
Alfombra con logo Hotel Weston en Santo Domingo
Alfombra con logo Planeta Azul
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