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Supermat™ Aqua absorbing mat

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Supermat specialty mats logo

Superma™ Aqua is the best option in entrance mats on the market today, it doesn't only traps dirt and soil as vinyl loop mats do, but also will retain water and humidity from the show sole keeping your interiors clean and dry.


  • Trap soil and dirt at the entrance.

  • Retain water and humidity from the show sole.

  • Provide an anti slip surface.

  • Customize with logo or name in more than 5 colors.


Supermat™ Aqua customization is a economic and easy way to put your name, slogan, logo or message in front of your property front. Is economic because you don't need minimum order quantities nor be limited in the colors able to combine.



Face weight

Total thickness

Transit rating


100% SD olefin with

PVC backing

backed berber

54 onz/sq. yd.

12mm ± 0.5

severe transit


*outdoor not exposed

Supermat 420 Aqua entrance mat in color charcoal
Supermat 420 Aqua entrance mat with logo
Entrance mat Supermat Aqua logo La Nacional
Entrance mat Supermat Aqua color cobalt logo Mixing Center
Entrance logo mat Supermat Aqua logo Loncin
Supermat Aqua cobalt entrance logo mat
Supermat Aqua entrance logo mat
Cleaner Studio logo entrance mat
Diamond Club logo Supermat entrance mats
Supermat Aqua entrance logo mat color tobacco
Supermat Aqua absorbent mat in lobby
Chic hotel Supermat Aqua entrance mat
Supermat Aqua entrance logo mat


Supermat 420 Aqua entrance mat is available in 6 colors you can combine and match with the name or logo of your property or business. 

Supermat Aqua entrance mat charcoal

40 charcoal

Supermat Aqua entrance mat silver

41 silver

Supermat Aqua entrance mat tobacco

42 tobacco

Supermat Aqua entrance mat cobalt

43 cobalt

Supermat Aqua entrance mat ruby

50 ruby

Supermat Aqua entrance mat snow

45 snow

Frequently asked questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about Turfgrass artificial grass and related products and installations.

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Supermat​ specialty mats


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In our product gallery you can see how our Supermat™ product line and related products can improve the conditions of your office, shop or facility. Whether in entrance mats to improve cleaning, carpets for wet surfaces, anti-fatigue and among others.

Entrance logo mat Supermat Aqua
Supermat Aqua entrance logo mat
Chic logo entrance mat Supermat Aqua
Absorbent mat Supermat Aqua
Alfombra con logo Supermat Aqua con logo La Nacional
Alfombra Supermat Aqua color Cobalt
Supermat entrance logo mat
Supermat Aqua custom logo mat
Supermat Aqua entrance logo mat
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