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3M Prestige window film

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3M Prestige is built on a proprietary 3M technology of more than 200 nano layers of polyester that block 97% of infrared rays and up to 60% of total heat.

Some of the benefits of 3M Prestige Series are:

  • Heat rejection up to 60% total heat without darkening your windows.

  • Very low reflectivity.

  • 100% metal free construction, will not oxidize on the edges or interfere with electronic devices connections.

  • Rejects 99% of harmful solar UV rays main cause of fading and interior deterioration as well as harm to human skin.

  • 15 years warranty.

3M Prestige 70 installed in Santo Domingo
3M Prestige window film in terrace
3M Prestige installed in apartment

Rejecting up to 60% of heat the 3M Prestige will allow most of the light into your home or office keeping most of the heat out. This spectrally selective film is 100% metal free.

All 3M solar and security window films provide 99% ultraviolet protection (UV) main cause of interior fading. UV rays are also responsible of most of skin diseases (including skin cancer) due to long exposure.

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Laminado 3M Prestige
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Instalación Huper Optik Ceramic 60
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Laminado 3M Prestige 70
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Instalación laminados 3M Prestige 70
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