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Beauflor cushion vinyl floor

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Beauflor cushion vinyl floor logo

Beauflor vinyl sheet flooring provides a fast, easy-to-install, competitively priced solution for residential, light and medium commercial environments. ​


Beauflor's different styles provide underfoot comfort, water resistance, and scratch resistance.

Sheet vinyl flooring is very low maintenance, it just needs to be cleaned regularly like you do with any porcelain floor and it will look spotless every time.

Piso de vinil Beauflor Feelings Oakland 160M.jpeg

Colors available:

PIso de vinil MetroPlus color Urban Oak Brunette.jpeg


Piso de vinil Reflect Plus color Splendor Ivory.jpeg


Piso de vinil Omega Plus color Stardust Charcoal.jpeg


Piso de vinil Beauflor Pietro.jpeg


Piso de vinil Beauflor Jazz color Liana 909M.jpeg


Piso de vinil Beauflor XTreme color Mira 160L.jpeg

ViPro Xtreme

Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Passion Scottsdale 099M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Quintex Gambel Oak 116M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Xtreme ViPro Havanna Oak 694M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Xtreme ViPro Oak Chevron 913M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Dynasty Narbonne 717M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Expoline ViPro Liana 199L
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Massif ViPro Chalet Oak 363M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor SafeTex Aragon 090L
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Xtreme ViPro Xtreme Mira 990D
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Laurel Oak 696D
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Hightex Devon 940D
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Feelings Oakland 160M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Novo Columbian Oak 910M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Algarve 730M detail
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Plaza Damier 019D
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Dynasty Oak Chevron 161M
Sheet vinyl floor Beauflor Silk Oak 147M detail

Beauflor | Disponible para entrega inmediata

Beauflor Pietro vinyl sheet flooring is a Belgian-made flooring available in 2m wide rolls, ideal for residential or light commercial use.


Wear layer

Total thickness




heterogeneous sheey vinyl

0.25mm (0.010")

2.8 mm

glue down (sheet)


7 years residential

Instalación piso de vinilo en rollo Beau

Beauflor Pietro sheet vinyl - specs (.pdf)

Colors available:

Beauflor Pietro 116S white oak sheet vinyl floor

116S white oak

Beauflor Pietro 669M oakland sheet vinyl floor

669M oakland

Beauflor Pietro 634M havana oak sheet vinyl floor

634M havana oak

Beauflor Pietro 096M chalet oak sheet vinyl floor

096M chalet oak

Beauflor Pietro 996M spanish oak sheet vinyl floor

996M spanish oak

Beauflor Pietro 917M montreal sheet vinyl floor

917M montreal

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