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Chairmats carpet and hardfloors protector


Supermat specialty mats logo

Supermat™ Chairmats carpet and floor protectors provide comfort and protection. whether on carpet, vinyl flooring, wood or any other surface, Chairmats will prevent wear caused by the abrasion of caster chairs on the surface. ​


Available in a transparent color, they will maintain the visual of the floor below. With pins to be placed on carpet and without pins when placed on hardwood floors, vinyl and other solid surfaces.




Total thickness

100% PVC

0.90m x 1.22m

aprox. 36" x 48"


Supermat Chairmats carpet protector
Supermat chairmats protector with pins
Chairmat sobre alfombra
Supermat Chairmat con pines sobre alfombra
Chairmat protector de piso de madera para sillas
Chairmat protector plástico para alfombras
Supermat Chairmat sobre alfombra de rollo
Supermat Chairmat sobre piso de madera


Chairmats are available clear with pins to be placed over carpet and without pins to be placed over hardwood, vinyl and/or over other types of hard surfaces.

Chairmat con pines para alfonba

with pins
(for carpets)

Chairmat sin pines para piso duro

without pins

(for hardfloors)

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Supermat specialty mats


tel. 809-227-7700 ext. 104, 105

whatsapp. 829-257-7016

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In our product gallery you can see how our Supermat™ product line and related products can improve the conditions of your office, shop or facility. Whether in entrance mats to improve cleaning, carpets for wet surfaces, anti-fatigue and among others.

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