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3M Nomad entrance mat

Alfombra 3M Nomad color negro
Alfombra personalizada 3M Nomad color gris
Alfombras 3M Nomad


3M Nomad entrance logo mats

3M Nomad entrance mats are produced custom to any size needed, you can also put your logo or company name with the many color options available.

3M Nomad 6050 entrance mats constantly provide a cleaner floor on the entrance of the property where it is placed, reducing the necessity and time to allocated to cleaning. This mats will trap dirt and soil and will avoid slip and accidents.

It is manufactured in a high density vinyl construction, excellent performance even in extreme temperature. Ultraviolet resistance as colors will not fade under the sun, doesn't absorb water. Perfects for medium traffic conditions and guaranteed up to 1,000,000 steps. Light caster traffic admitted (no heavy equipment).

Very easy to maintain, just a few shades to release dirt and hose down any residue if needed.


Supermat 500 customization is a economic and easy way to put your name, slogan, llogo or message in front of your property front. Is economic because you don't need minimum order quantities nor be limited in the colors able to combine.



Total thickness

Transit rating


100% PVC

loop with backing


medium transit

indoor / outdoor

Supermarket 3M entrance logo mat
3M promotional logo mats
Alfombra de entrada personalizada 3M Nomad
Alfombra 3M Nomad logo CDEEE
Alfombra en entrada de hotel 3M Nomad color gold
Alfombra 3M Nomad gris loco OmegaTech
Alfombra 3M Nomad color negro
Alfombra 3M Nomad promocional logo presidente
Alfombra 3M Nomad gris
Alfombra 3M Nomad azul oscuro
Alfombra 3M Nomad marrón con logo oro
Alfombra 3M Nomad negro
Alfombra 3M Nomad negro logo Chili's
Alfombra 3M Nomad gris concreto
Alfombra personalizada 3M logo Tony Roma's
Alfombra 3M Nomad personalizada
Alfombra personalizada 3M Nomad color gris


The Supermat 500 entrance logo mat is available in 6 base colors y 7 accent colors that you can combine and customize with your company's or business' name or logo.


3M Nomad entrance mat silver

20 concreto

3M Nomad entrance mat gray

21 granito

3M Nomad entrance mat black

22 negro


3M Nomad entrance mat brown

23 café

3M Nomad entrance mat blue

24 azul

3M Nomad entrance mat gold

25 oro

3M Nomad entrance mat dark blue

26 azul oscuro

3M Nomad entrance mat dark green

27 verde oscuro

3M Nomad entrance mat green

28 verde

3M Nomad entrance mat yellow

29 amarillo

3M Nomad entrance mat orange

30 naranja

3M Nomad entrance mat red

31 rojo

3M Nomad entrance mat white

32 blanco

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In our product gallery you can see how our 3M™ and specialty product line and related products can improve the conditions of your office, shop or facility. Whether in entrance mats to improve cleaning, carpets for wet surfaces, anti-fatigue and among others.

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