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Because there are things that will never go away, our venetian blinds will provide a unique warm and elegant touch.

Window treatments


Blinds and shades from the Vertilux Collection, made to size for commercial, residential and hospitality uses. We have a wide selection in materials, textures and colors for your spaces. Whether it is for your office, your living room or a bedroom, we have many options for your project. We also offer installation in Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic.

Roller blinds in residential space, blackout and translucent

Roller shades, blackout shades and translucent are the most practical, simple and elegant solutions in design as office window treatments but also for residential purposes.

Neolux zebra blinds

Neolux Zebra blinds will provide a modern and eye catching look while providing progressive light and privacy control. Ideal for living room, corporate offices, etc.

Wood venetian blinds in living room

Venetian blinds or wood blinds bring a warm and traditional touch to any residential, corporate or hospitality space with a great progressive light control.

Aluminium miniblinds and orange chairs


Aliminium miniblinds are the quickest option for any project and will adapt to any budget. Ideal for corporate and retail uses, can also be used in other spaces.

Perma exterior shades in terrace

Exterior shades or perma shades are ideal for reducing the sun rays and rain while allowing the light in and also breathable. Recommended for balconies, terraces, gazebos, etc.

Sliding panels in apartment living room

Japanese sliding panels are the most practical solutions for sliding doors or big size windows, available in many textures, designs and color options.

Timeless traditional drapery

Draperies from our Timeless Collection fabrics, providing warmth to your residential and hospitality spaces. Manufactured in hospitality grade mechanism in both sheers and blackout styles.

Roman shades in dining room

Roman shades provide an elegant touch in residential and hospitality spaces that will allow to show the beauty of the selected fabric. Ideal for living and dining rooms, also bedrooms.

Triple Shade


Triple Shades from Vertilux bring warmth to residential and hospitality spaces, similar to a sheer drapery but with the ease of use of a traditional roller blind.

Romantic Cappriccio Vertilux shades


Capriccio shades will make an eye catching effect with the beauty of a sheer drapery but with horizontal shades that will expand and retract depending on the privacy level desired.

3M window films in terrace


Window films for solar control, glare reduction and heat rejection, ultraviolet protection, security that incorporate ceramic, metallized and other selective spectrum technologies.

Frequently asked questions

Debajo respondemos a las preguntas más frecuentes que son realizadas sobre el nuestras cortinas y servicios afines.

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Blinds and shades

tel. 809-227-7700 ext. 100, 101

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Visit our project gallery and see what our products can do for your design. Solutions in window treatments, blinds, shades, window films; also floorcoverings solutions: hardwood, vinyl floors and carpets for corporate, retail, residential and hospitality purposes.

Cortinas zebras Neolux by Vertilux
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Instalación de cortinas neolux zebras en oficinas
Cortinas Enrollables en Screen
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Cortinas enrollables screen
Instalación de cortinas enrollables en screen
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Cortinas Neolux zebras motorizadas
Cortinas enrollables screen
Cortinas zebras Neolux by Vertilux
Cortinas Neolux zebra by Vertilux
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