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Window films

Our wide window films selection for architectural uses guarantee that you obtain maximum performance, be it in heat rejection, privacy, ultraviolet protection; while providing durability unlike any other type of films in the industry. Leaning on trusted brands like Huper Optik™, 3M and XPEL VIsion you can be sure the performance is proven and the durability is unquestioned. Contact us now and let us help you deliver the protection you need. 


Our spectrum selective films are films that work exclusively or mostly to reject infrared rays, this allows the rejection of a large amount of heat and at the same time let through a large amount of visible light.

Huper Optik Ceramic window films

Hüper Optik™ Ceramic window film was the first ceramic window film in the market and patented for its multiple layers. Hüper Optik™ Ceramic provides a high heat rejection without significantly changing the apprearance of your windows with the best performance overall.

XPEL Vision Clearview window films

XPEL Vision Clearview window films are a serie of spectrally selective, ceramic and ceramic metallized window films specially designed for high heat rejection. With a broad range of applications for different types of glazing units and user requierements.

Hüper Optik Select window films in lobby

Hüper Optik Select window films are produced using a special blend of precious metals (including gold and silver) producing the highest heat rejection film in the industry with up to 72% of total real heat rejection without significantly darkening your windows.

3M Ceramic series window films


The 3M Ceramic window film series has three light transmision levels available that will provide high heat rejection without significantly darkening your windows. Ideal for residential use is a good value solution considering performance, price and durability.

3M Prestige window films


3M Prestige window film (Crystalline) is produced with proprietary heat dispersion technology by 3M, it offers a high heat rejection without darkening your windows. It also provides a 99% ultraviolet protection and it's fully backed by the 3M warranty.



Reflective or metallized films are those that incorporate metals such as aluminum, nickel or chrome, achieving a mirrored effect to a greater or lesser extent. These films (like a mirror) reject great infrared rays and light achieving a high rejection of heat and privacy.

Huper Optik Fusion reflective window film

Hüper Optik™ Fusion window film is a dual reflective, metallized, high heat rejection window film that also provides glare reduction, privacy and ultraviolet protection. Ideal for commercial use.

3M Night Vision window film

3M Night Vision window film is a metallic sheet available in three shades with high heat rejection, privacy and very low interior reflectivity, ideal for residential and hospital uses.

Performa Ecovision 10% reflective window film

Performa Ecovision 10 window film is a high heat rejection and privacy reflective laminate ideal for energy efficiency projects and cost reduction while improving comfort.

3M exterior silver window film


3M RE15X Exterior window film is a reflective, high heat rejection exterior installation film ideal for places where interior installation is not possible.



In addition to the reflective films, we have darkened window tints that, despite not providing high heat rejection, do provide privacy, glare reduction and ultraviolet protection.

Laminado de privacidad 3M Obsidian

3M Obsidian is a window film with four levels of privacy with a heat rejection of up to 44%, it is the ideal film for those who seek long durability without a high cost.

XPEL Black window tint

XPEL Black window tint is a film that provides privacy and protect against the harmful ultraviolet rays. Available in three darkening levels is a very price oriented product.

Security window films

Security window films provide protection by retaining glass fragments in the event of breakage either by accident or a spontaneous event. Some of our security laminates available with privacy and heat rejection capabilities.

Decorative window films

Decorative films for residential, commercial and hospitality uses. We have a wide variety of decorative sheets, frosted laminate and 3M Fasara Glass Finishes, ideal for room divisions and glass decoration.

Frequently asked questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about Tarkett VCT vinyl composition tile and related products and accesories.

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