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Shaw Contract carpets

Alfombras Shaw Contract en el Shaw Create Center en Cartersville, Georgia
Shaw Create Center en Cartersville, Georgia

Shaw Industries is a Berkshire Hathaway company

is a Dalton, Georgia-based global provider of vinyl, wood, and carpet flooring for the corporate commercial, retail and hospitality segments.

Shaw Contract Carpets

Shaw Contract logo neg.png
Shaw Contract carpet tile at Coca Cola offices

Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of carpets of all types, offers through its Shaw Contract line options in floor covering (carpets, vinyl and wood floors) and other specialized solutions for corporate, retail and hospital commercial uses.


Shaw Contract carpets are of the highest durability and are used by large multinational companies worldwide.

These carpets are made of Eco Solution Q nylon, which is 100% recyclable designed to withstand a heavy commercial footprint. Eco solution Q Nylon is available in more than 200 vibrant colors that combine in a large palette and catalog of options.


Shaw Contract carpets are cradle to cradle classified, so they can be recycled one hundred percent and converted into their own product.

Shaw Contract Hexagon carpet tiles

Design oriented

Shaw's design team is constantly developing new styles and designs, reimagining how spaces can be seen and used. Incorporating new designs and trends as well as new materials and technology, you will find in Shaw avant-garde, highly durable and environmentally friendly products.


Shaw Contract carpets are available in a wide range of options in terms of colors, designs, textures and shapes. Shaw provides solutions for each market segment and through its Shaw Contract line it covers the commercial, retail and hospital segment.

Shaw Contract carpet and vinyl floor

Global reach

Shaw Contract is a global company that produces multiple floor covering options, so you can find all options for carpets, vinyl floors, wood and specialized floors in one place. 


Likewise, being a vertically integrated factory, you can count on product deliveries quickly. Many of the Shaw Contract products are quickship so you can have them installed in Santo Domingo in 3 or 4 weeks after ordering.

Alfombra Shaw Contract Microsoft Canada
Alfombra Shaw Contract Adidas
Alfombra Shaw Contract Liberty International
Alfombra Shaw Contract Adidas
Alfombra Shaw Contract Coca Cola
Alfombra Shaw Contract JDA Software
Alfombra Shaw Contract Newell Brands
Alfombra Shaw Contract Playster
Alfombra Shaw Contract en oficina
Alfombra Shaw Contract Premier
Alfombra Shaw Contract Zappos
Alfombra Shaw Contract Glensler


Below you will see a large part of the outstanding collections of Shaw Contract, many of these options are of rapid production with delivery times of 3 weeks to Santo Domingo.

Coleccioes destacadas


Shaw Hospitality
Shaw Contract logo neg.png

Shaw Hospitality Carpet

Alfombra personalizada Shaw Contract en teatro

Shaw Hospitality offers a wide catalog of carpets for the hospital sector.


It has a selection of products of continuous production as well as an immense variety of customizable products in terms of texture, design and color. 

Different types of technologies depending on the degree of performance and level of detail required by the project, thus placing the user's need first.

Whether hotel corridors, rooms or lobby, as well as restaurants, theaters, cinemas, convention centers; Shaw has enough arguments to meet any performance expectation.


You can combine Shaw Hospitality carpets with the available vinyl flooring options.

Alfombr tejida Shaw Hospitality


Tufted or woven carpets are widely used in hotel rooms, senior living because they have high strength and durability.


They are generally made of solution-dyed nylon, which will have a resistance to stains and regular cleaning than fiber-dyed rugs.

Alfombra impresa Shaw Contract Canvas
Alfombra impresa Canvas


The printed rugs (Prints) achieve a high level of detail, which is why they are widely used in corridors and lobby of hotels, event rooms, entertainment areas.


Shaw's Canvas technology takes the level of detail to a higher level by achieving photorealistic prints at 76dpi resolution.

Alfombra Shaw Contract CYP


CYP carpets carry the level of detail of a printed mat with the strength and durability of a solution dyed nylon woven mat.


CYP (color yarn placement) carpets place colored threads in positions that recreate the chosen design, achieving texture and design in vibrant and striking colors.

Shaw Hospitality opciones
ShawContract pisos de vinil

Shaw Contract vinyl flooring

Shaw Contract Luxury Vinyl

Shaw Contract logo neg.png

Shaw Contract has a wide range of vinyl flooring for corporate, retail and hospital commercial use. These floors have use layers of more than 0.50mm, so they can be used in high traffic areas.


Choose from a wide variety of designs, textures, shapes and colors; floors that imitate wood, cements, textiles, solids; all with resistance to water, severe traffic and daily use.

You can combine Shaw Contract vinyl flooring with the modular and roll carpets options available above. Other specialty flooring options also available: roll vinyl flooring, homogeneous vinyl flooring, court flooring, etc.).


For more information you can contact our services department at 809-227-7700 or

Shaw Contract Terrain luxury vinyl flooring
Piso de vinil Shaw Hexagon
Piso de vinil Shaw Contract madera
Piso de vinil Shaw Contract cement
Piso de vinil Shaw Contract Quiet Cover
Piso de vinil Shaw Contract Mindful Play
Piso de vinil Shaw Contract Composite
Piso de vinil Shaw Contract Crete
Piso de vinil Shaw Contract Terrain


Featured collections of Shaw Contract luxury vinyl tiles



Frequently asked questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about Tarkett VCT vinyl composition tile and related products and accesories.

  • ¿Hacen visitas para levantamiento de medidas?
    Si no cuenta con las medidas y se encuentra en la zona metropolitana de Santo Domingo podemos enviar un técnico representante a realizar el levantamiento de las medidas de sus ventanas, esto sin compromiso o costo para usted. En caso de encontrarse fuera de la zona metropolitana de Santo Domingo algunos costos pudieran aplicar, para más información puede contactar a nuestra área de servicio al cliente.
  • ¿Ofrecen servicio de instalación para las cortinas?
    Sí, ofrecemos servicio de instalación en todo el país. Si se encuentra en la zona metropolitana de Santo Domingo la instalación está incluida en el precio cotizado sin costo adicional.
  • ¿Las cortinas vienen en medidas estándares?
    No, todas nuestras cortinas son fabricadas a la medida de cada hueco de ventana.
  • ¿Cuál es el tiempo de fabricación de las cortinas?
    Debido a que todas las cortinas se fabrican a la medida y dependiendo de la cantidad de pedidos, requerimos un tiempo de fabricación e instalación que oscila entre 10 y 15 días laborables a partir del momento de la orden.
  • ¿Dónde son fabricadas las cortinas?
    Todas nuestras cortinas son fabricadas en nuestro taller en la Zona Industrial de Herrera en Santo Domingo con materiales surtidos de países como China, Corea del Sur, Turquía, España, Bélgica y Estados Unidos. Para más información sobre nuestro taller puede acceder a "Ubicaciones" en "Sobre Nosotros".
  • ¿Venden los materiales de las cortinas?
    No, en Interdeco solo vendemos cortinas terminadas. En caso de que necesite un reemplazo de alguna pieza de una cortina fabricada por nosotros no dude en contactarnos, solo debe enviarnos copia de su recibo y por lo general no tendrá costo para usted.
  • ¿Fabrican una sola cortina o solo trabajan en proyectos?
    No tenemos mínimos de fabricación, podemos producir desde una cortina para uso residencial hasta cientos de cortinas para proyectos comerciales u hoteleros.

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